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Fidmi. All food delivery options in one single place

UberEats, JustEat, Glovo, Deliveroo...? More restaurant options and better prices

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#COVID19šŸ˜· We are launching an initiative to register your restaurant in Fidmi for free. Fill-out this form.
Why use Fidmi?
More restaurants to order food from
Explore all the restaurants delivering at your address, independently from the company that delivers them.
Chef food
Compare your delivery options
Discover all of the delivery options to order food at home and choose out the best one for you.
Compare delivery options
How does it work?
Enter your address and search for all the restaurants that deliver.
Compare the different delivery options to find the cheapest and fastest.
Choose the best option and save up to 15 minutes and 50% of delivery fee.
Save money
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Download it now and start enjoying Fidmi!
Enjoy the best food that your city has to offer!
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