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Win visibility and reach out to new customers
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In exchange help us promote Fidmi and let's together increase the number of customers that will visit our site and order directly from your restaurant.
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Why is it free?
By making visible in one single app all the restaurants that deliver food, we are making customer's life easier: no need to switch between different apps to find all the different options when ordering food online. We also enable them to choose the cheapest price and this cheapest price is very often ordering directly at your restaurant.

With Fidmi we are helping you making yourself visible at no costs to customers looking to order food.

Union makes the strenght! If you like Fidmi, by promoting us in social media, and sharing a link to our website on your own restaurants website you are helping us building our customer's community and making our website and your restaurant more visible to customers.

Every day we are increasing the number of customers that we succeed to help find in one single place all the options available to order food. We need your help to keep on growing this number of customers!